How to Measure Your Ring Size

It is remarkably simple to find out your ring size. You can either use a reusable ring sizer such as the one linked here, or, you can use the simple DIY solution described below.  All you need is a strip of paper, a writing tool, and a metric ruler. This chart sums up the process, and should you need them, I am including more detailed instructions below.

From Reeds to Diamonds: A Brief History of the Engagement Ring

As someone who is perpetually captivated by the natural beauty and variety of the world’s gemstones, I find it interesting that around 80% of all engagement rings are set with diamonds. Don’t get me wrong, diamonds are a beautiful choice, but it has only been since the mid-20th century that they became so strongly associated with weddings and engagements. These recent decades are just a brief flash in the long history of the practice of exchanging rings to announce and celebrate the marital union. For such a widespread custom, there is a remarkable lack of popular knowledge of its history, and I would like to share some broad strokes of that with you here.