Sasha Dubodel handcrafts all the pieces in her New York studio.

Sasha Dubodel handcrafts all the pieces in her New York studio.


Sasha Dubodel is an art historian and metalsmith from Gomel, Belarus, based in Troy, NY. She received a Bachelor’s in Visual Arts and Art History from Union College, NY and a Master’s in Art History from the Institute of Fine Arts at NYU. Dubodel studied silver and goldsmithing with various independent instructors in New York, and is continuing to expand her skills through experimentation and self-teaching. Her studio, Rasvet Jewelry Co., focuses on history and nature inspired jewelry and life accessories, using traditional metalsmithing and ancient lost-wax casting techniques to create small-run and one-of-a-kind pieces using recycled metals. When not in the studio Dubodel can be found eating too many potato chips, researching, writing, and hiking.


About my Work:

I fell in love with metalsmithing by accident. As an art historian,  I’ve always felt the pull not only to research and write about art, but to create it myself. Still, it wasn’t until my [then fiancé, now] husband decided to make me a wedding ring, a gesture which I could not let go unmatched, that I dipped my hands into working with metals, flame, and precious stones. Since then I have created pieces for friends and loved ones, and am now honored to share my passion with you. 

Growing up, I divided my time between an urban environment and the Eastern European wilderness. As a child, my grandmother, with whom I spent the summer and winter months, would literally tie a bell around my wrist and let me wander the forests surrounding her house. It was there that I discovered the enchantment that comes with roaming the woodlands, observing insects, and taking in the lush sounds that envelop you when the concrete and pavement are out of sight. I carry these memories with me and try to imbue my work with elements of nature and history (both, real & fantastic). My hope is that when catching a glimpse of something I made - be it a ring, a bookmark, or a pillbox - you will feel a connection to this magic. 

Sasha Dubodel